Tuesday Workshops
Potting and Juniper Styling with Dean Kelly

Potting and Juniper Styling with Dean Kelly

Shaking up our schedule for 2018 we have decided to adopt a more hands on approach to our Tuesday night workshops. We have been encouraging members to bring along tools and trees to work on during the expert lead sessions. February was the first and feedback has been positively received.
Dean Kelly led the first Tuesday workshop of 2018 Potting and Juniper Styling.
Mike’s trident maple (pictured below) illustrates the process of thread grafting: a new branch was created by growing a branch extension from the top of the tree and threading it through a hole drilled through the lower trunk.
thread graft
New to the Tuesday workshops we also have “Tree of the Month“, on this occasion the title was awarded to Gary.  His Cornelian Cherry (Cornus Mas pictured below) in full flower looked absolutely stunning.
gary conrus tree of the month
Our next Tuesday Workshop is 13th March with John Trott, Mendip Bonsai Studio looking at Group and Forest Planting.  Please do feel free to bring your trees and tools along.

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