Diary Dates


Tuesday meetings 19:30 to 22:00 hours

Tuesday 9th July : Workshop
Tuesday 10th September : Workshop
Tuesday 8th October : Workshop
Tuesday 12th November :  Club Auction
Tuesday 14th January 2020 : AGM

Please note there are no meetings planned for August or December
All Tuesday meetings are held at Kinson Community Centre,
Pelhams Park, Millhams Road, Bournemouth BH10 7LH

Please note: There is often very little parking on a Tuesday, however, the main library car park opposite the main entrance to Pelhams Park is available to use and its free.
weseex bonsai society workshops

Sunday Workshops :  

Sunday workshops 09:00 to 13:00 hours

 21st July, 22nd September, 13th October, 24th November

All Sunday meetings are held at Howe Croft Community Centre,
1 Turnbull Lane, Bournemouth, BH11 9BG

Wessex Bonsai Self Styled Winner