Welcome to Wessex Bonsai Society 2020

Welcome to Wessex Bonsai Society 2020

UPDATE 15.9.20
It is with regret that we have agreed not to continue with our Sunday workshops and we hope to be able to re-commence in January 2021.   Please contact us if you have queries or require support over this extended time period and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Please continue to watch for updates on our website and Facebook page
If anyone has any queries or enquiries please do not hesitate with full information and photos  📩 wessexbonsaisociety@ymail.com

Bonsai is an ancient Chinese and Japanese art form. In Japan bonsai means ‘grown in a container’.  The aim of bonsai is to create nature in miniature Bonsai methods keep trees small and healthy. 

The Wessex Bonsai Society was established in 1983.
We meet every second Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm at Kinson Community Centre and again 12 days later for our popular Sunday workshop. at Howe Croft Community Centre.  With access to a wide selection of speakers on a variety of topics enables us to provide a full and varied activity plan.

Big Dreams, Small Trees

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