November Bonsai Tips

november bonsai tips

This is the time of year when the majority of trees will be dormant, so greatly reduce the water you give them and do not use any fertiliser other than bone meal.

Give all your deciduous trees a thorough inspection and if any dead leaves cling to the branches it could mean that pests have made their nests and ultimately spend the winter feeding on the bark. You could see unsightly scars and in some cases lead to the loss of smaller branches. Larches are especially prone to this.

As branches become bare it now the ideal time to spray with tar oil insecticide. Make sure you remove any wires previously forgotten and keep removing moss to prevent pests making a home in the soil. A good watering with a soil pesticide will take care of leather-jackets or any other pests that live out the winter in the soil, without harming the roots, ensure you follow the manufacturers’ directions closely.

This month’s Diary Dates include the November Auction on the 13th and Workshop on the 25th.

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