May Bonsai Tips

may bonsai tips
Alongside our May Bonsai Tips I just wanted to let you all know that Wessex Bonsai’s Exhibition of Bonsai is Sunday 7th May. 
Wessex Bonsai Exhibition May 2017

MAY is when it’s time for major growth spurts so you will need to begin the feeding programme, once a week is the norm, except for newly re-potted trees, which will require none or negligible amounts as the new soil will have all the feed that is required.  Follow the manufacturers’ instructions as it is safer to feed a weak solution more frequently than a strong dosage irregularly. Older or mature trees will probably not need feeding quite so often.

Start to shape your trees by pinching / cutting the new growth and training where necessary. You need to keep the top growth short otherwise the lower branches could be starved of feed, which you do not want to happen as you need to ensure that the lower branches are kept strong and healthy. Keep an eye on the upper branches so they do not over develop which will create shade over lower the branches as this could well cause problems later.

italo and jenni wessex bonsai
Italo and Jenni | Sunday Workshop

Reducing growth early on will help to ensure short internodes and encourage a fine growth of new branches.  Spray for any bugs or mildew as necessary, not in strong sunlight though, it’s suggested to use a weaker solution than recommended as the leaves are very young and tender at this stage.

Still protect from strong winds and late frosts and the demand for water will increase considerably.

Our next meeting is Tuesday 9th May with Italo & Mike – Raft & Wrap Around

April Bonsai Tips

april bonsai tips

Happy April Fools’ Day!

No tricks in this month’s Bonsai Tips post only lots of great treats.
APRIL is a really good time to collect any trees from the wild that you may have had your eye on, you will need to obtain the owner’s permission first. “Yamadori” or collected trees require you to dig carefully around them so as not to damage the root with your spade. Take your time and lift gently from the soil retaining as much hair root as possible, it is advisable to cut the tap root and seal. Plant the tree in a deep pot or box with a good open mix and its now a case of wait and see and it always has a 50/50 chance of survival.

Often deciduous trees will start to show their leaves now, so they will need to come out of their winter storage you will need to keep a watchful eye for frosts and strong winds as the leaves are very tender at this stage. You will now see the signs of life on all yours trees especially on recently collected trees. But also to see if the winter has caused any damage among your collection if any are showing signs of damage they will need a bit more TLC.

wessex bonsai sunday workshops
Sunday Workshop | Kevin Willson

We are meeting Tuesday 11th April and our workshop Sunday 23rd April 2017.

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