2017 Winners | Wessex Show and Open Competition

Wessex Bonsai Open Competition Trophy

Winners list for the 2017 Show

  1. First place Mike Fieldhouse
  2. Second Malcolm Driffield
  3. Third Chris Jefferys
  1. First Bob Savage
  2. Second Malcolm Driffield
  3. Third Chris Jefferys
Flowering / Fruiting

Flowering Fruiting Wessex Bonsai winner 2017

  1. First Tony Oswin
  2. Second Chris Jefferys
  3. Third Anthony Stribling
Self Styled :

Wessex Bonsai Self Styled Winner

  1. First Tony Oswin
  2. Second Anthony Stribling
  3. Third Chris Jefferys
Shohin / Mame :
  1. First Anthony Stribling
  2. Second Tom Buchanan
  3. Third Tony Oswin

Rose Bowl (Overall Best tree in competition)  : Mike Fieldhouse
Anderson Memorial Trophy (Best Tree in competition by Wessex Bonsai Member) : Malcolm Driffield
Best Club Display  : Celtic Knot
Echo cup (Highest number of accumulated points in competition) : Tony Oswin
Jack Ballinger Trophy (Awarded to best special display between Eastleigh, Solent & Wessex Bonsai Societies) : Solent
solent bonsai

Wessex Bonsai Show and Open Exhibition Winners 2017 List  
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